Chaucer Group gain flexibility in managing their mobile contracts with SCG.

Chaucer Group are a management consultancy company focusing on digital and data transformation who employ over 300 full time employees, scattered around the country, each of which has a business mobile phone.

Chaucer Group’s contract with SCG makes management of the mobiles easy.  The contract offers the flexibility needed by this rapidly growing company, to allow them to add new connections, renumber connections after employees’ departure, offer co-terminus contracts and move individual connections between different operators with very little inconvenience.

We chose SCG because they have a dedicated UK based team, who understand how our company operates. We have been with SCG for many years now. It is a relationship based on trust where we get offered the most suitable solution, rather than the most expensive one. We have flexibility on our mobile contact and a dedicated UK based client support team, who respond promptly to all our requests.  All of my experiences dealing with the team have always been positive. I am very happy with their service and the dedication of the team to offer us the best customer experience.

Said Daniela Kucerova. IT & Facilities Manager.