Mobile recycling

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly method for disposing of your old mobile devices?

Mobile phones contain a range of materials including metals, plastics and valuable components which can be extracted and re-used.

There are an increasing number of options for recycling mobile phones and SCG have teamed up with the best organisations in the marketplace to provide a safe and environmentally friendly recycling service.

Why recycle?

  • Mobile parts and batteries are ground up and useful metal content extracted for re-use.
  • Outer body plastic can be granulated and reformulated for use in mouldings.
  • Recovery and downgrading of valuable components: e.g. flash memory devices.
  • Parts can be extracted and re-used including; aerials, battery connectors, PCBs, connectors, gold-coated edge contacts on PCBs, ICs (integrated circuits), keyboards, LCD screens, lenses, microphones, phone housings, screws, SIM card assemblies and speakers.
  • Many manufacturers have signed up to the Basel Convention agreeing to cooperate with developing environmentally sound management to end-of-life mobile phones.