Immediate cover

We offer the best possible mobile insurance service to our business customers, with immediate cover.

Dropping a mobile device can be a costly experience. Very often limited to the breaking of screen, which is inconvenient and costly to repair.

An insurance policy on your mobile can protect your business from the cost of:

  • Loss
  • Breakages
  • Theft

For a small amount you can ensure that in the event one of your team loses or breaks their phone a loan phone can be sent, normally to be received in 48 hours, while your claim is administered.

Choose a policy to suit your needs with multiple options:

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Quick and efficient turn-around for repairs
  • No administration fees
  • No hidden excess charges
  • Full updates on enquiries or claims
  • Straightforward terms and conditions, with no hidden catches

Insurance cover, with the added benefit of cloud back-up services, ensure minimal downtime and cost in the unfortunate event of the unexpected.