Internet Telephony

Internet telephony explained: advantages & hardware

Technology is constantly evolving, and nowhere is this more evident than within the telecommunications industry. Traditional analogue copper cable services are outdated and no longer efficient to the point where they have reached the end of their serviceable life. They are to be switched off by the end of 2027, being replaced with a digital […]

Be More Connected with the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 releases on 31st January 2024. With the new Samsung range available through SCG’s Mobile offering, we’re excited to bring this new device to your business. But what makes this phone so different to its predecessors? Why will it enhance your business mobile operations and allow you to Be More Connected? We […]

Managed IT Services – the perfect gift for cybersecurity

Whether you are a small company without any IT resources, or a larger business that just needs some additional support, a Managed IT Services solution is the perfect answer: an outsourced, fully managed IT department with the ability to scale with your requirements. This form of IT support offers many benefits, including an increased level […]

Elevating customer experience through shared empowerment: Our November Senior Management Team event

Our SMT event is a microcosm of our organisation. As the Group continues to grow, it has expanded to two events a year, with the November event growing into a two-day learning and networking extravaganza. SCG’s rapid rate of evolution has created the need for more collaboration across the business than ever, and this was […]

Be More Mobile with the iPhone 15

Be More Mobile with the iPhone 15

There’s no doubt that workforce mobility has increased dramatically over the past few years, with technology evolving alongside to support it. This has caused the very preconception of what is and isn’t possible whilst on the move to change; there’s an understanding now that you don’t need to be in the office, or even have […]

Mobile Device Management – Why, What & Which

Mobile Device Management – Why, What & Which

Our Product Director for Mobile, Ian Boyce, explains what Mobile Device Management is, and why it’s important for every business utilising mobile devices. Why Mobile Device Management? Developments in mobile technology, combined with changes in work patterns following COVID, have resulted in more businesses embracing remote working and deploying mobile devices to employees. However, as […]

Could your LinkedIn profile be a weak point in your cyber security policy?

Have you enabled Two-Factor authentication (2FA) on your LinkedIn account yet? A rising trend has seen malicious hackers enabling 2FA on accounts they have breached, which is completely avoidable by simply turning on the 2FA feature in LinkedIn. Some key LinkedIn user security tips: LinkedIn appears to offer both app-based 2FA and SMS-based 2FA. Check […]

Three ways to Be More Connected with your customers

Maintaining customer loyalty is crucial to the growth of any business. It provides a reliable source of revenue and upselling opportunities. Studies show that the power of brand loyalty is increasing, with 62% of previous customers more likely to purchase from their existing providers again, potentially at a higher cost (Cheetah Digital). By listening to […]

The importance of connections and your business infrastructure

Even the simplest business model relies on multiple connections. It can often involve reaching out to attract new prospects, communicating with stakeholders to move them to the point of sale, and then coordinating delivery of your product or service. Your ability to grow your business through these connections relies on the communications solutions you use, […]