Download speeds
of up to 17Mbps


Download speeds
of up to 75Mb


Download speeds
of up to 900Mb

Superfast Broadband

Superfast, secure and reliable broadband connections to increase efficiency and improve overall performance of your business.

Ethernet Solutions

Delivering faster speeds and greater stability than FTTC, FTTP Broadband uses the latest fibre technology to deliver your service from the exchange, to the cabinet and into your premises.

Mobile Broadband Connections

Mobile Data Connections offer a high quality connectivity for businesses in remote areas, brownfield sites or as a secure failover utilising GSM Technology, in the event of any deterioration of primary carrier services, keeping your critical applications up-and-running.

Data Connectivity Guide

Meet the needs of your business from a single standard broadband connection through to a full PWAN/MPLS network. Find out which data connection is right for you.

Network and Cabling Services

Connect your office environment with safe, secure network and cabling services for transferring data, voice and multimedia applications around premises.

Unified Solutions

From standard broadband, through ethernet, GSM mobile connectivity and office cabling, we’ve got you covered. Our services ensure secure, high quality, prioritised delivery of voice and data with the highest level of service across your LAN, WAN and Internet breakout. Our network connection tool gives direct access to the best prices and best networks for voice and data, so you don’t need to shop around.