Tailored end-to-end service for Construction UK

Our approach combines network and Internet connectivity, telephony, Cloud hosting and Next-Generation security. At the heart of every solution is our understanding of the project’s parameters, this will include the project size, duration, number of users, adoption of Cloud-hosted services and any nuances particular to the nominated client.

Be More In Control in a Changing Landscape

Simplify your communications with tailored, flexible and cost-effective solutions to match the scope of any development. Enabling projects to proceed unhindered, underpinned by robust and predictable infrastructure. We deliver;

  • Resilient and secure connectivity
  • Unified telephony combining landline and mobile technologies
  • Industry-specific experience

Our consultants will work with you to map the appropriate design to the project criteria, this will include a detailed schematic, delivery timeframe and key milestones.

“The construction industry is really quite diverse and we have experience in rapid deployment solutions onto both greenfield and brownfield sites. It’s about identifying the solutions that support the project and the plethora of business-critical applications that require access, some of which are running on legacy systems. There is a broad scope of how we can engage with the construction industry and meaningfully add value.”

Mark Sensier
MD for Southern Communications Corporate

Digital Transformation for the Construction Industry

The changing landscape of the communications market means the construction industry is going to have to make changes, as copper and ISDN services are retired and upgraded to a fibre network, to deliver a full-fibre telecoms network.

With over 50 years of experience in delivering communication solutions, Southern Communications Group can support you to identify how best to adopt future-proof solutions with minimal disruption and cost.

Rapid Site Deployment

The construction industry has been beset by one particular challenge for years; how to deploy connectivity to a new site quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price?

Our SMART-Hub solution has been co-designed with key Construction UK industry partners to deliver a fully comprehensive approach to site connectivity, delivered within 5 working days.

Joint Ventures

Southern Communications Group specialises in the design, provision and ongoing support of IT infrastructure to the Joint Venture market. Our approach maps every facet of the lifecycle of any joint venture and provides it as a truly independent subscription model. We understand that the joint venture has become commonplace, with many UK operators now working collaboratively on larger construction projects.

We provide the complete approach to joint venture infrastructure, including Managed Connectivity, Business-grade Telephony, Private Cloud Hosting and bespoke Security Solutions.

Policy and Legislation

Each design will adhere to any procedural or legislative constraints stipulated by the customer. This may include any Cyber-Security and Data Protection policies. All engineering staff are fully accredited with RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) being provided at every stage of an installation.

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