Due to the nature of a new construction site, the challenge of getting connectivity live super-fast is often a serious challenge. We can help you to achieve this in record time with our rapid-deployment solutions that bring you fast and secure connectivity to any new project.

Southern Communications has leveraged its experience of over 50 years in the telecommunications industry to solve this issue with SMART-Hub. Not only does this solution offer instant connectivity, but it also provides ease of use and advanced security.

SMART-Hub is designed to be plug-and-play, coming pre-configured with your settings for immediate mobile connectivity. Fixed-line connectivity can be added at any point to improve performance. Additional port capacity means that IT equipment can easily be installed on site, such as VoIP handsets or network printers. You don’t even have to monitor SMART-Hub yourself; each unit is proactively monitored by Southern Communications remotely, so we are immediately alerted to any performance drops.

In addition to instant connectivity, SMART-Hub features next-generation security. The built-in firewall not only maximises network performance but also provides robust network security. As a fully managed service, SMART-Hub will be continually updated to protect against the latest cybersecurity threats.

Contact us via construction@southern-comms.co.uk for a full audit, ensuring you are not caught out by this unprecedented change.