Over the last year we’ve been informing you of the latest issues impacting connectivity in construction, including rapid deployment, cybersecurity and estate management, enabling you to increase productivity and efficiency.

We’re now delighted to announce that The Publishing Hub, publishers of Building, Design and Construction Magazine, has become an SCG customer. Through our contact with them, they have become familiar with our connectivity solutions and chosen to adopt them for their own business.

Magazine Manager, Kenneth Booth, comments: “After considering different suppliers, what impressed us about SCG was not only the strength of their solutions, but their very visible track record of excellent customer service. That made it an easy choice. Having become a customer now ourselves, we have already experienced both how effective their connectivity solutions are, and how justified their customer service standing is.”

SMART-Hub is the perfect solution for construction, able to meet the heightened reliance on Cloud or Internet-hosted business applications. This core functionality is augmented through a range of features to answer the further challenges faced by a modern construction site.

  • Protect network capacity and deliver it to where it’s most needed with bandwidth controls
  • Fulfil regulatory needs with Zero Trust Security and a clear disaster recovery plan with bespoke project management
  • Control permitted use and asset management with GPS tagging and geofencing

For more information on SMART-Hub or to register for a free 30-day trial, please contact us now.