SMART-Hub: The complete site-deployment solution

Plug and play

SMART-Hub is delivered in a preconfigured state, ready to provide instant connectivity with the customer’s predefined security policies. This approach is perfect for the Construction industry, as well as any other business that is waiting for fixed-line connectivity to be installed. SMART-Hub is ideally suited to temporary offices and/or outdoor events.

SMART-Hub makes use of diverse 4G and 5G connections with built-in security, to deliver a business-grade service for your network and Internet needs.

Fully managed and supported

SMART-Hub comes with two mobile data SIMS from diverse carrier networks with a pre-established data pool per month, integrated WiFi (with multiple SSIDs), local switching and GPS tagging for added security.

Mobile connectivity is available immediately on installation and fixed-line connectivity can be added at any point to improve performance. The dual mobile data connections are dynamically load-balanced to optimise the service delivery.

The complete on-site solution

The SMART-Hub is provided with a six-way power distribution unit, with surge protection, alongside an omnidirectional external antenna to maximise the mobile data signal. Each unit is proactively monitored by our team using a remote management tool, as a result, we are alerted to any drops in performance immediately.

The device provides additional port capacity for ease of deployment and enables quick installation of IT equipment to site, such as VoIP handsets or network printers. With integrated wi-fi, the SMART-Hub provides superb coverage inside the cabin with an option to sub-divide the service up to four distinct wireless networks each with its own permissions and security policies, ideal for segmenting staff and visitor use.  Options are available to broaden the Wi-Fi footprint around the site with additional Wireless Access Points where required.

Next-generation security

At the centre of each SMART-Hub unit is a fully-featured Next-Generation Firewall. The capabilities of the firewall are leveraged not only to maximise the network performance, by limiting access to any non-essential applications but also to provide a robust and recognised Cybersecurity stance at each site. As a fully managed service, each unit is kept up to date with the latest threats and compromises with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) applied to scrutinise all traffic for malicious content. The security platform is universally recognised and adheres to all public sector standards and accreditations.