Customer Experience is at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to supporting you to get More of what you want More of in 2022; More focus, More productivity, and ultimately More success.

Similarly, your customers will be at the forefront of your mind when creating your goals and annual growth targets, and being connected with our customers is a key factor in how successful we are in achieving them, as well as keeping in close collaboration with your workforce and business contacts.

Our company has been bringing people and technology together to facilitate and improve the way that we communicate for over 50 years, and our mission is to enable your organisation to evolve at the pace of changing the market demands so that you can Be More Connected with your in-office or dispersed workforces, your customers and your business contacts.

How can we help you Be More Connected to your customers?

Through our own evolution to Southern Communications Group, we have acquired some of the best people and products in the industry, ensuring that we can offer you a tailored, truly end-to-end solution, that is supported and delivered to the highest standard.

The ease of use and flexibility of Hosted Telephony has pushed passed the boundaries of modern-day phone systems.  No longer are you confined to one telephone exchange, meaning you can keep your telephone number for life, no matter where your business is located. 

Call flows, messaging and voicemail options can be changed remotely and at the touch of a button, ensuring your customer’s calls are always headed to where you need them to be, and these functions are simply touching the surface of what our Evonex system can do for you and your customer base.

Working in harmony with our Hosted System, our Ethernet services offer you fix time guarantees that are not available on Broadband services, making them a popular choice if your business is dependent on the internet for business-critical applications.

Traditionally, businesses have been confined to working with one mobile network and one level of coverage, but for a sales team that is on the move, there is nothing worse than dropping calls when you are about to close a deal.  Our outstanding mobile packages offer you a choice of different networks, all under one account, ensuring that no matter where your workforce is located, they have network coverage.

The award-winning Surgery Connect cloud telephony solution is the most advanced, healthcare-focused telephony system on the market and is used by over 1400 practices.  Switch Medical, the healthcare arm of SCG, is now able to offer this industry-leading platform to both our new and existing customers.

How can we help you Be More Connected to your workforce?

With a strong focus on the work-life balance now, flexible and hybrid working is both standard and expected; but working remotely can have its draw backs as collaboration often needs more than just a call or an email.

Microsoft Teams revolutionised the way in which we communicate during the pandemic and with over 500,000 organisations currently using Teams as their default messaging platform, it is understandably the “go-to” solution for your flexible office set-up.  Our Evonex system allows you to integrate with Microsoft Teams, manage contacts with ease, as well as combine your presence status across your existing telephony and Teams.

The Evonex platform can be used across multiple sites, accessed by Internet-enabled devices, such as company smartphones, and managed through an easy-to-use dashboard. This often results in better productivity from staff, home workers, and call centers, which can lead to an increase in conversions and revenue.

Our suite of products is designed with you in mind, so that we can ensure that no matter where you are, you can Be More Connected with your audience, and whatever your business needs, SCG has the experience and know-how to help optimise the ways in which you communicate, so that you can achieve greater heights of efficiency and productivity.

Contact us today on 01256 391 046 or at to find out how together we can help you Be More Connected