How much control do you have over your current technology and systems within your business? If you are using Evonex or another Hosted solution, then you may have more than you realise.

Hosted solutions are designed with you in mind to ensure you are adopting a solution that puts you in full control; for example, when you choose an Evonex system your business will benefit from an easy-to-use, super reliable cloud phone system that makes communication efficient, improving productivity in the workplace.

The feature-rich interface and customer portal allow you to make changes to your system and call flow with ease, helping you stay connected with customers and staff even when disaster strikes.

With Evonex, you take control from the very beginning, with a wide range of handsets to choose from, you can ensure your business is getting a flexible solution, that best suits its needs.

Increased control with reporting features

Customisable access to enhanced features and reporting software can help keep your system optimised to the highest quality, ensuring your customers are provided with an outstanding level of communication and care.  You can benefit from comprehensive statistical reporting at both call group and individual DDI levels, with informative charts and graphs to help monitor and control your communications.

Filters can be used to help drill down the data to see when your business is receiving the most calls. This can help organise staff to accommodate and keep on top of who is answering the phone and more importantly, who is not.

Manage team activity and scalability

Business growth is a natural progression and it’s important that your phone system can grow with you.

Hosted solutions such as Evonex have the flexibility to scale as large as your business needs. You can add or remove devices with ease, and within a much shorter timescale than that of a digital phone system.  Real-time system changes and Microsoft Teams integration gives you wider visibility of your remote office and ensures that when the unexpected happens, you can re-route your calls quickly, ensuring that your customers queries do not go unanswered.

Account management by SCG

Each of our customers has a dedicated account management team, filled with the knowledge of your account and our products, who can supply your business with the extra assistance you may require.  Not only are they here for help with faults and queries, but they are the ideal consultant for your telecoms needs.  With the addition of your account manager, your business’s telephony will be future-proof and fully under control.

The uncontrollable ISDN Switch Off

As most of you reading this may already be aware, the ISDN Switch Off is approaching fast (subject to time of reading), and those who have yet to migrate to next-generation telephony may find they lose what little control they had.  As the saying goes, ‘strike whilst the iron’s hot’ we recommend you do just that.

Be More in Control of your journey to the Cloud and talk to us to see how we can utilise your current solution or assist you with your upgrade to a Hosted solution. Speak with our Hosted experts on 01256 391 046 or email