Modern technology is designed to play a key role in the forefront of most businesses – whether it assists with communication, marketing, manufacturing, or any other requirement. There is a mode of technology that can benefit you and your business.

Sometimes modern technology can get overlooked when it provides an efficient service – technology such as business telephony. Future-proof business telecommunications should be recognised and can be appreciated by all business types and sizes. No matter what service you provide, what product you supply, businesses will always need some form of communication set up.

What telephone system does my business need?

What is a traditional telephone system? Historically, traditional telephone lines use a local telephone exchange to make calls. Voice circuits are switched in the local telephone exchange creating a connection between the caller and the recipient allowing them to communicate. This is the old-fashioned copper network; you may have seen Openreach engineers working on the cables in green street cabinets.

What is a VoIP telephone? A VoIP telephone or IP phone uses voice over internet protocol technology for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network. To put it simply, a VoIP telephone system is powered by your broadband connection, so calls are transmitted over the internet connection. This is the same as Skype or other internet-based calls and calls made and received in this way are hugely reduced in cost.

The primary use for all telephone systems is to allow people to communicate to and from different locations at any given time, allowing simple communication functionality to businesses.

Hosted telephony or VoIP is known worldwide for its efficient and cost-effective communication setup. Businesses all over are switching from old, outdated technology such as their ISDN systems and replacing it with next-generation technology known as VoIP. VoIP telephony is more than just a telephony system – it allows people to communicate with ease from anywhere at any time simply using only a broadband connection.

VoIP telephony is the future of telecommunications, offering businesses a scalable solution with a feature-heavy interface that will allow users to experience high-quality calls each and every time.

When will the old technology become obsolete?

Users of ISDN technology will soon face challenges if they refuse to switch to an alternative solution before the year 2025. In 2025 the ISDN network will be switched off making the technology outdated and unusable. For businesses who remain using legacy solutions, we advise you to speak with a telecommunications expert to help you avoid any difficulties you may face if you leave the upgrade too late.

To avoid any business technology challenges, make sure you speak with one of our experts to ensure your business runs efficiently.

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