Gamma Telecom, a UK leading provider of wholesale telecoms solutions, offers a full service hosted communications system, known as Gamma Horizon. At Southern Communications, we are a Gamma accredited partner and Horizon is one of our preferred hosted telephony systems, for which we have a range of competitive packages to choose from.

Incorporated in 2001, Gamma Telecom has seen huge growth and are known for retaining customers and developing innovative technologies. In 2015 Gamma Horizon was awarded ‘Most Innovative Cloud-based Channel Product’ at the Comms Business Awards.

What is Gamma Horizon?

  • A feature-rich communications system
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Off-site hardware and remote upgrades

Available to businesses with an Internet connection and enabled devices, Gamma Horizon is an advanced telephone system to manage and improve internal and external communications. It’s designed to offer high voice quality with dedicated connections and an easy to use portal to improve staff productivity.

Importantly, the platform allows you to have access to a range of advanced features, without the need for on-premise equipment which can be costly and time consuming to run and maintain. Hosted in the cloud, it has a built-in disaster and business continuity feature so work isn’t disrupted in worst case scenarios.

How can businesses benefit?

All businesses can benefit from Gamma Horizon, with a variety of small, medium, large, single or multi-site firms already working with the technology.

Voice quality

Our engineers install Gamma Horizon on your premises using dedicated fibre connections or managed ethernet circuits to provide reliable, high voice performance at all times. This is combined with QoS (Quality of Service) routers.

QoS routers work by prioritising the devices and services on the network, assigning the appropriate amount of bandwidth to each action. It ensures that high priority tasks happen faster than lower priority tasks.

No high setup costs

As the technology is cloud-based and you won’t require any overly expensive installation and hardware costs at your premises, there are no high setup costs.

Instead, each license has a cost-effective monthly subscription payment, and each license type reflects your usage ensuring great value for money.

Remote and mobile work

Once installed, internet-enabled devices on the system can be used across multiple offices and physical locations, with the ability to keep the same phone numbers.

A manager can be off-site and still take calls on their mobile without the caller needing to know they’re out of the office. This adds a level of professionalism and allows urgent communications to take place without delay.

Improved customer service

With an intuitive dashboard and features such as call forwarding, and the ability to answer calls with personalised customer details, it will improve your customer satisfaction, and in turn client retention.

The hosted handsets connected to the system ensure you never miss calls and can give quicker callbacks. Through call logs, areas of improvement can also be discovered, such as reducing waiting times.

License types

For Gamma Horizon, we offer three different license types to best suit your company and will advise on the best plan for your communications:

  • Standard license
  • Premium license
  • Mobile license

The standard license comes with a standard handset and voicemail, ideal for common areas where outbound calls are the priority.

Premium license offers more features; designed for desk-based staff it’s a unified communications plan with call forwarding, speed dials, and many more advanced options.

The mobile license makes Gamma Horizon ideal for remote workers as well as desk staff. It can be used via an app and staff will be able to receive calls just as they would in the office.

View our guide to Horizon license types including a full list of features included in each package. Monthly rental costs will depend on the license type and the number of users.

More information

To learn more about how Southern Communications can enhance your telecoms with Gamma Horizon, please call us for a no-obligation chat and to arrange a free demonstration.