In the current climate changing your telephone system may not be at the front of your mind but there are many reasons why now is a good time to upgrade your telephony.

  1. School premises are empty of students making installation simpler.
  2. Using ISDN means you missing out on the flexibility offered by SIP and hosted solutions.
  3. Update messages quickly and easily when the landscape is changing, such as updates to opening due to coronavirus and weather.
  4. Improve communication and contact staff on their extension number – wherever they are (in the school grounds or working remotely) with a mobile phone application.
  5. Enable teachers to call from mobiles when not in the school grounds and present the school number.
  6. Make your school safe for when students return with a single key activation for lockdown.
  7. Improve audit trails with call recording and logging.
  8. Reduce costs with free calls.
  9. Maintain your essential services such as absentee and information lines.
  10. Now is a great time to take advantage of the free training offered by Southern Communications on all the systems we install.

We understand how vital it is for teachers and parents to have reliable and effective communication, as well as internal calls between staff that are safe and secure. With our range of telephone systems we can find the right solution for your school, which is GDPR compliant, no matter whether you are small or large, state-run or independent.