The threat, accidental or intentional, by a past or current employee or business partner is a real concern in today’s environment.

Companies are aware of the importance of protecting data from use, intentionally, to commit fraud, sabotage or outright theft, however, unintentional threats from negligence or compromised accounts are just as serious and often less is done to protect against these.

Insider Threat Protection Software

Rooted in people based vulnerabilities mean companies much protect data and their most critical systems across a broad spectrum of insider threats.

User behaviour can be managed through robust staff policies, however that is often not enough. Insider Threat Protection software adds an extra level of protection to help identify behaviour patterns and anomalies, protecting your most valuable assets.

  • Complete visibility of user actions
  • Behaviour risk scoring
  • Forensics
  • Video reply
  • Active threat mitigation
  • Abuse prevention controls

Monitoring and analysis of related user actions is essential to identify risky behaviour, potential fraud or cyber sabotage, before it is too late.

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Data Leakage Protection

Protect your sensitive data and ensure it doesn’t leave the network with a single policy.

Email and Web Security

Protect your business data and reduce the chance of an attack with email and web content filtering protection.