Your business is important, as are your customers and staff and the technology you use is vital to assist your business with growth and communication.

The thought of managing change can be scary; be it moving premises, upgrading your current phone system, or preparing yourself for the upcoming challenges such as the telephony switch off.

Our range of Assured Services is designed to make sure you are protected from the events you may not have planned for – We have detailed for you our most popular services that ensure your business can remain covered from any unforeseeable misfortune.

Service Protect

In the event of a fault, it is not always straightforward to diagnose exactly where the fault lies, especially when you have multiple vendors involved in your site set-up.  Not knowing which supplier should resolve the issue creates huge frustration, and worse causes delays in resolving the ongoing and often service impairing issue.

Service Protect gives you the assurance that we will dispatch an engineer who will interface and co-operatively work with your IT team and 3rd party suppliers to diagnose and resolve faults.  This helps eliminate frustration, see a faster fix time, with fewer engineering costs.

Broadband Protect

Broadband fault diagnosis can be tricky; hardware, cabling, and network tests take time, and router replacement, combined with engineering visits can become costly.

Broadband Protect gives you one free router replacement and covers the cost of one engineering visit up to the amount of £250.00, every 12 months.  This means that you can request the attendance of an engineer without delay, or the fear of unexpected charges, ensuring no time is lost.

Enhanced Hosted

Learning the ins and outs of your Hosted Telephone system can take time, or you may simply prefer to have us manage changes for you.  Either way, if you need something amending quickly and are unsure how to do it, waiting for network standard timescales may not be ideal.

Enhanced Hosted offers priority SLA’s on change requests, faults, and an array of additional benefits such as around-the-clock system support, inclusive announcement recordings, and site visits to ensure you can make changes as and when you require them.

Line Safe

Many of us have been in the situation where a voice fault has been reported, an Openreach engineer has attended the site and proved the fault to be related to something on-premise.  We are then hit with a rather large bill for the engineers’ time.

With Line Safe, we will cover the bill of one engineering visit, every 12 months, guaranteeing you peace of mind and assurance, that in the event an engineer is required, any unexpected call-out charges will not be applied to your bill.

Voice Safe

Telecommunications fraud can happen to any type of business in many ways, and no business is too small to be targeted.  Fraudsters can rack up thousands of pounds of fraudulent call charges in a matter of hours.

We cannot prevent you from an attack, but if fraud occurs, we will pay up to £10,000 as a credit against calls made via fraudulent activity on a Voice Safe protected account, giving you the assurance that you are financially protected against fraudsters.

To ensure you’re fully protected, find out more about our service assured services, or alternatively, you can contact one of our assured team members on 01256 391 046 or email