125 bed independent hotel in Basingstoke had broadband connection issues which affected every area of business.

About Apollo Hotel

Apollo hotels is a 125 bed independent hotel in Basingstoke. When their broadband connection was unexpectantly ceased, the result was devastating, affecting booking, payment and communication systems and guest WiFi. With services provided by different organisations it was hard for the staff to know where to go first, until they heard of SCG Service Protect.

The Challenges

Data, networks and telephony are increasingly part of a converged solution and at SCG we understand how vulnerable our customers can be, when not all services are with the same provider and maintaining high availability is business critical. Service Protect provides an added level of support to these businesses, with a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers, who work co-operatively with your IT suppliers and 3rd party vendors to diagnose and resolve faults. The result being a faster, easier fix for our customers, with one point of contact, reducing the risk of interruptions caused by combined network/telephony issues.

It wasn’t their connection which was at fault, which left me in a difficult situation about where to turn, however, they talked to me about Service Protect so I got an engineer on that day. You don’t appreciate the use of something until you actually need it. We benefitted greatly

Paul Fearson

The SCG Solution