In 2018, Openreach (BT) announced a huge technological change that will affect almost everything that plugs into a traditional telephone socket. The digital upgrade to the traditional network will see the withdrawal of legacy PSTN services (ISDN and analogue lines), and any broadband line supported by this network. By December 2025, all voice calls will need to be made over the internet or a mobile network. Services such as lift lines will no longer work over traditional phone lines. Mechanical & Electrical plant accessed remotely and/or monitored via legacy lines and broadband will need to be replaced.

Openreach has already proceeded with rolling out fibre-optic alternatives across the UK and nearly 600 exchanges have already been nominated for Stop-Sell status (limiting orders of lower-grade, legacy alternatives where next-generation fibre services are present). A National Stop Sell comes into effect in September 2023, at which point only next-generation services will be available to order. Any existing broadband products delivered on a traditional phone line (such as ADSL and FTTC) will need to be migrated to a fibre alternative by December 2025.

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