Both the risk and the potential damage of cybersecurity threats to UK construction have never been greater, which demands an urgent response.

With many major operators falling foul of cyber-attacks in recent months, this is now a priority across all sectors. This is a challenging prospect for virtually all businesses. The necessity to devise, build and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy can be daunting, however not doing it could be financially crippling.

The statistics show that it’s simply not enough to put the basics in place and hope for the best. A data breach or ransomware attack could target business critical data, financial information and/or personnel records. An added pressure is the increasing complexity of each project, the widening of stakeholders and the sheer demand on IT infrastructure from day to day. Any interruption to service presents irreparable damage to productivity, missed deadlines and financial penalties.

With SCG, each project is carefully designed to deliver peace of mind: fulfilling regulatory needs, mapping the scaling infrastructure requirement, delivering Zero Trust Security and enabling the continued uptake of cloud services throughout project lifecycles. Alongside the operational demands, each solution has a clear disaster recovery plan, which is thoroughly tested and documented, alongside a pre-agreed schedule for long term data storage and access rights.

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