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Which businesses can benefit from NEC phone systems?

All business can benefit from an onsite NEC phone system and each business manager should be aware of the options before making a decision. Read our guide on the pros and cons of PBX vs hosted telephony here.

Ultimately any business can benefit from an onsite NEC phone system, however, they are particularly suited to medium to large sized businesses who have the available resource to manage the system on a day to day basis. We recommend a company installing SIP Trunking and hardware onsite should have a dedicated staff member for this purpose.

An NEC phone system is ideal if:

  • You’re a medium to large businesses with many users
  • High upfront costs and low monthly payments suit your finance plans
  • You require the advanced features of a scalable and flexible system

Large and growing businesses will also greatly benefit from having complete control over their communications in-house with many ways to customise the software’s features. This is particularly useful for big companies such as hospitality brands, healthcare operators and government bodies as new users will need to be frequently added.

Typically the NEC UNIVERGE 3C is best suited for larger businesses, the NEC SL1100 for small businesses, and the NEC SV9100 for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re unsure of the best system, get in touch with the team at Southern Communications who will be able to view your setup and requirements to advise on the best package for your business.

Read about our sales process to understand how we learn about your company and improve your communications.

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