Communication is the backbone of your business, and your telephony system is a critical part of that infrastructure. In addition to fulfilling your current requirements, you need to know that it’s robust enough to provide both continuous operation and the bandwidth to adapt as your organisation evolves.

While developing Evonex, our Cloud telephony solution, we wanted to directly address those requirements and prioritise the customer experience. It has been engineered to deliver all the features you need to keep in touch with your customers, prospects, and staff, offering outstanding reliability and flexibility, whilst keeping security at its heart.

To demonstrate the success of Evonex, here are five key reasons why it’s a truly robust Cloud telephony solution:

1. Tier 3+ Data Centres

Our multiple, always active, datacentre locations are all UK based each with multi-layered resilient architecture and triangulated public and private routing. Replication across all geo-diverse datacentres ensures customer account data is always synchronised throughout the platform. Sophisticated monitoring, diagnostics, and load balancing are all built into the core.

2. UK-based Development, Operations and Support Teams

Our teams are wholly comprised of our own people, and we employ all our developers, operations engineers, and support engineers as full-time staff. Regular collaboration allows us to enhance the product based on feedback from our customers. Agility and flexibility are fundamental to our core values, and they are essential in helping us stand out in an extremely competitive market.

3. Greater than 99.99% uptime over more than fifteen years of service

Our reputation for resiliency, reliability, and scalability is unsurpassed in the telecoms industry, and we intend to keep it that way. We continuously monitor, evaluate, and enhance our platform by investing heavily in high availability servers, switching, routing and firewall infrastructure.

4. DDoS protection and mitigation

Keeping one step ahead of potential attacks is critical and requires continuous assessment and diligence. In addition to our own highly resilient architecture, we also regulate traffic ingress to known certified, authorised and authenticated sources. To complement our internal security measures, we partner with industry leading Cloud-based DDoS mitigation.

5. Multi-factor authentication rolling out across the platform.

MFA security is becoming ubiquitous in the world of technology, and moving forward we consider this to be an essential part of our processes in reducing potential attack vectors, aiding risk mitigation, and contributing to preserving our reliability and reputation. Rolling out across the platform soon, MFA adds an extra layer of security to help keep customer accounts secure and further minimise potential fraudulent behaviour, misuse of our services, or disruption to your business.

We are committed to the continual improvement of Evonex, and this will be evident in the upcoming release of our Universal Client for Evonex. This includes the features you’ve come to expect along with an intuitive and simple user interface which maintains cross-platform familiarity across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and any modern web browser.

If you would like to know more about our Cloud telephony solutions, please contact us on 0800 090 1965 or email