Next Generation Firewalls

Protect your company data and applications with a firewall that is fully managed and tailored to your business needs.

Secure Remote Access

Protect home and remote workers. Your business and business information no longer has a physical boundary.

Insider Threat Prevention

The threat, accidental or intentional, by a past or current employee or business partner is a real concern in today’s environment.

Data Leakage Protection

Protect your sensitive data and ensure it doesn’t leave the network with a single policy.

Email and Web Security

Protect your business data and reduce the chance of an attack with email and web content filtering protection.

Unified Solutions

Prevention from data leakages and viruses is essential in a world where business critical information is being accessed from a wide range of devices and locations. Whatever you’re transmitting, wherever you’re transmitting from, a security solution from Southern Communications provides the connectivity and security you need to prioritise the important stuff, eliminate the dangerous stuff and safely check the stuff you’re not sure about to protect your intellectual property.