We all like the idea of achieving more out of life. Whether it’s more for less money, more quality in our lives, or even achieving more out of our jobs. In a world of tight budgets and increased demand for businesses, telecoms may seem like an afterthought. However, upgrading this vital asset may surprise you. By upgrading your system your business will be able to ‘achieve more’ whether it’s saving you money or incorporating flexible features to assist staff communication. We are here to show you how your business can achieve more from an upgraded solution.

Firstly – Why should I upgrade my system?

That’s a good question – especially as upgrading and changing telecommunications are seen as costly investments. However, by unifying your business’s telephone system, Wi-Fi, and broadband connection, you can decrease your costs.

‍We often get asked why businesses worry about upgrading when their current system works just fine – so we have provided 5 reasons why your company should consider an upgrade.

Future-proofing your business’s communications 

We understand how important communication is to a business. We also know that businesses need a telephone system that can last long into the future and that will offer a good return on your investment whilst providing excellent communication.

That is why we provide a bespoke solution that any size business can benefit from. Your company can instantly take advantage of a solution that fits your requirements, not just now, but long into the future. Therefore, safeguarding your investment long-term. We also offer in-house engineers for installations and a support and maintenance team to resolve any teething issues you may face.

Newer technology

A great way to decrease your business’s telephony costs is to upgrade your telephone system. By upgrading to new technology, you minimise the risk of costly telecom faults. You may also find that with the right lease, your monthly payments will be less which can save your business money in the long run.

You can reap the rewards that are associated with new technology. With integration at the forefront of most modern technology, having a telephone system that is integrated with your business’s network and offers easy-to-use features which can be a great way to streamline workflow within your organisation.

Alongside the ever-approaching ISDN switch off – there is no better time to upgrade to newer technology to avoid communication disturbance. Furthermore, upgrading to newer technology will mean your business will begin to see savings from the very moment you install, as a hosted solution is more cost-effective than your traditional telephone line.

Save money with SIP Trunks and VoIP

‍As stated above, the ISDN switch-off is approaching and we have set goals to ensure that the switch-off doesn’t leave people in the dark. If they continue their target to switch everyone over to fibre broadband and IP telephony, then the UK’s ISDN network is due to be switched off in 2025.

So, what will replace my ISDN line?

Good question – SIP Trunks, VoIP, and hosted telephony will become the norm for business telecommunication. You can take advantage of SIP Trunks and VoIP to help your business achieve far more out of its communication setup.

Other than the huge feature set these modes present, when upgrading your telephone system, the biggest benefit you will notice is the reduced cost on your monthly bills by eradicating the requirement for multiple costly landlines.

Unifying Communications and mobile apps

A great way to achieve more out of your communications infrastructure is to consider unifying your communications environment with mobile applications. For example, your business probably has Wi-Fi infrastructure, a telephone system, a broadband line, and lines & calls all put together to create your ‘telecoms’.

Why not combine these different assets under one roof to reduce your business’s costs and push your integration to the next level? Integrating these systems can unlock features such as VoIP handsets, mobile handoff, and computer telephone integration. 

Services like call routing, self-service, and reporting all help to decrease incoming call response times and help to keep your administration costs down.

‍A new telecommunication system can also help to improve customer and staff interaction. Customers can receive notifications from your business through SMS or via recorded messages services directly. In this way, you can be sure that they are always well informed of any event, offers, and promotions you are enlisting.


With one centralised system and smaller IP phones, you can link your external sites to the main one without the need for systems on every premise. With VoIP, you can also benefit from FREE calls between sites!

If you would like any more information about how your business can achieve more from a new telephone setup or a site survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligations chat on 01256 391 046 or email sales@southern-comms.co.uk.