Web agency mobilise staff with Evonex

“For the past 5 years we have been running a rather old phone system and I’d been aware we’d probably been paying over the odds. It took the onset of COVID and the shift to remote working to encourage me into action on it!

Britweb employ 12 full time staff and a couple of freelancers that work in their offices in central Horsham and had 7 handsets shared across the team.

The change in working dynamic to everyone working at home meant this phone system was essentially rendered useless and the only resolution was to have our supplier divert all the calls to my mobile phone and pass on messages, which was not only a huge impracticality but I also incurred additional charges for the privilege.

At this point, I was lucky enough to speak to Southern Communications and about the options offered by a cloud based service.”

Using the mobile app


It sounded too good to be true. Not only could each staff member have an app on their mobile phone we could also have new headsets in the office. The mobile phone app enables staff to them use their mobile phone to take, make and transfer calls via the system. The is meant we could return to the recorded inbound message we had originally used, that our customers were familiar with, and route the calls in any way we pleased instead of me incurring costs to be a messenger. The system also gives us the scope to easily manage call routing on an on-going basis.

Cost Savings

Further still, the price came in significantly lower than my current expenditure!

Southern even offered to assist me with the cost of coming out my contract early at the current supplier and allowing me to spread this cost.

It took a couple of weeks to organise and an engineer came in, set up the new phones and gave me clear and easy instructions to install the mobile apps.

One month later and we have a far, far better system and are saving a third of the previous costs to boot! We are very happy with the cost, service and aftercare.” said Dan Purchase, Managing Director, Britweb