Financial co-operative work smarter with Evonex

About Partners Credit Union Ltd

Partners Credit Union is based in the centre of Liverpool and is a member owned, financial co-operative supporting over 8000 members.

When the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 it became essential for the staff, who had always been 100% office based, to work from home. This was not something their existing system was able to facilitate and the restrictions soon became clear, with the only solution to have all calls were diverted to a single number with no option to transfer to colleagues.

Partners Credit Union started to look for a better solution and after reviewing several systems it was unanimous, across all staff, that Evonex from SCG was just what they were looking for.

There were two considerations, not just how the system worked but also how easy it would be to install a new system and train employees, who were now all working from home.

The whole journey has been fantastic. From the very first contact we felt both listened to by the consultant and confident that all our requirements were being taken into account. Installation was very straightforward, working with our IT team, the software was rapidly rolled out to our home workers, followed by an excellent Virtual Training session. The new features have improved efficiency and morale.

Stuart Lloyd, Head of Finance at, Partners Credit Union

The SCG Solution

Staff were delighted with how easy it was to use Evonex, it quickly become second nature and offered all the benefits of their on-premise system and more.  The intuitive desktop software makes it really easy to make, take and transfer calls and call recording protects the integrity of both staff and customers.  At the click of the mouse, staff are able to collect voicemails, they can chat online and see which colleagues are available or on a call, improving efficiency all round.

The customer service team have access to queues and hunt group information, directly from the toolbar, with visibility of who is on DND or ready to take calls. This means queues and hunt groups can easily be managed to ensure the highest level of service is delivered and agents breaks can easily be staggered rather than pre-scheduled.

The softphone has changed the way staff operate and whilst there will be handsets in the office the improved efficiency of the softphone is so well embedded into the way the staff work it is expected they will not want to give this up.


Working with Partners Credit Union IT teams Southern Communications were able to easily roll out the desktop clients to all staff, via remote connections, enabling them to access the telephone system through their home broadband.