For many construction companies, setting up internet connectivity or an effective network at a new site is a common challenge. It’s often compounded by numerous factors, such as:

  • Project size
  • The anticipated number of network users
  • The criticality and wide range of business applications
  • Heightened time pressures
  • The necessity of securing assets

Running in parallel is the demand for maximum efficiency, environmental considerations, and a greater budgetary control across all IT infrastructure. In a recent large-scale project, SCG’s SMART-Hub solution delivered on every count.

At this client, the SMART-Hub’s predecessor had become a runaway train. Hardware was going missing, and there were ongoing payments for devices that were no longer deployed. Alongside this, there was a paralysis to cancel anything without potentially ceasing an active connection and impacting daily operations. 

When it came to fulfilling new projects, it was not uncommon for additional devices to be purchased entirely unnecessarily. This increased costs, as well as impacting the project’s carbon footprint and the end client’s dictate for an environmental commitment throughout the project’s life cycle.

SCG’s SMART-Hub is specifically designed to be rotated from site to site, with the following benefits:

  • GPS tagging and geofencing to control permitted use, asset management and billing simplification.
  • Granular business controls to prioritise business critical applications
  • A fully managed five working day deployment process

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