The national stop sell on 5th September 2023 is less than seven months away, meaning that now is the time to act to ensure you are not handcuffed to the wrong service provider; the standard like for like migration services on these exchanges will end.

Stop sell is the status given to an exchange once the modern line replacement service is available, meaning no additional services will be supplied other than next generation approved products. This is part of the BT Openreach transitional process as we move closer to the January 2027 deadline of the Big Switch Off. To date, over 700 exchanges have already been designated as stop sell.

Pre-existing legacy services can still be used until switched off, but you won’t be able to purchase any new services. More importantly, stop sell also prevents the modification of those existing services and the ability to switch service providers.

The Big Switch Off signals the end of all ISDN networks, traditional phone lines and older broadband products. One of the main impacts for construction will be based around infrastructure services such as lift lines, building management systems and power alarms. Any kind of remote monitoring service currently using the older copper network will need to move across to new approved products and services.

We have successfully assisted customers withing the sector overcome these challenges, in addition we have various technology solutions that can help you transition to an all-IP environment and overcome any concerns.

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