The ongoing challenge of getting connectivity delivered quickly to any construction project remains a nightmare for many operators. The advent of improved mobile data coverage and augmented signal strength have led to multiple approaches to resolve this issue, including the initial version of our SMART-Hub solution. However, simply providing connectivity is no longer enough.

Multiple factors have expanded the scope of requirements far beyond a simple calculation. These include increased demand on bandwidth, the heightened reliance on cloud or Internet-hosted business applications, the continued advancement of IP telemetry, and networked device management. We now need to protect capacity to ensure it’s used where it’s most needed. This includes prioritising all critical applications, accommodating a variable set of users, ensuring optimum security throughout the project’s life cycle, and successfully integrating with any existing Wide Area Network.

Through our partnership with UK Construction, SCG’s SMART-Hub has been designed to deliver; Rapid Site Deployment (within five days), granular application control and traffic shaping, integrated multi-SSID WiFi, GPS tagging, Secure Remote Access, and site-to-site rotation of stock. All of this comprises a fully comprehensive managed service from installation through to day-to-day performance.

Our approach is to simplify the entire process for our customers. Once provided with the site location (either postcode or OS grid reference) and target installation date, we take care of the rest.

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