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What hardware is needed for FTTC?

Set-up and equipment

Regardless of your current set-up, Southern Communications will provide you with everything required for FTTC when you choose it for your business.

The outside infrastructure

The majority required hardware is already in the system and not at your premises. These include:

The Telephone Exchange

This is where telephone lines are connected during a call to the right number.

Fibre Optic Cable

The telephone exchange is connected to the cabinet by a fibre optic cable, which allows for high speeds.

THE FTTC Cabinet

It is through this cabinet that the fibre optic cables from the exchange are connected to a standard phone line.

Copper Phone Cable

Finally, the copper cable connects the phone line to your premises to offer phone services and broadband.

At your business

As long as your premises are within a suitable distance from a cabinet to use FTTC, the essentials required in your premises are:


The modem allows you to connect to the internet and will have a standard Ethernet cable output to connect to a router or computer.


A router is a piece of hardware used to connect computers and other internet enabled devices to the modem and the internet. They can be thought of as being gateways for internet access.
They are often wireless but have multiple ports to connect devices with Ethernet cables.

Internet enabled devices

These include PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even cameras and accessories. These can be connected using wires or wirelessly by a secure login to your broadband account.

Unified Solutions

Whatever your business need, Southern Communications has the experience and know-how to help make it more efficient and optimised so that you can achieve greater heights.