The Univerge® SV9100 is an IP Unified Communications solution that provides a technologically advanced platform ideal for SMEs and corporates, with from 10 to 800 extensions.

It is a phone system that connects every aspect of your office and out of office team in one central hub, with its simplified licensing and comprehensive suite of contact centre solutions. These features will allow you to stay ahead in your field and capitalise your firm’s USP by dramatically increasing the productivity of your operators and sales agents.

How Your Business Will Benefit With the NEC SV9100

Save Time and Money

Time is of the essence and time is money in the competitive business world. The SV9100 allows your company to effectively and efficiently coordinate aspects of the working day, week and month that may not previously have appeared necessary.

As this software allows you to condense the workload financially and physically, you and your company will save money on expenses for office space rental and in house staffing.

Central Hub and Advanced Features

You and your business can benefit from the SV9100 by utilising its networking abilities and linking the office to one central hub. There are a wide range of features that include advanced secure software solutions, stylish handsets and a wealth of mobility applications and devices making it easier for out of office access to your network.

InGuard Against Cyber Attacks

InGuard monitors all call activity 24 hours a day and instantly detects any suspicious activity that may be detrimental to your company or clients secure information or finances.

There are two automatic alerts

  • An ‘alert only’ email sent to designated recipients
  • An ‘alert and block’, which is used in more severe circumstances to instantly prevent any further call activity

Toll fraud, also known as phreaking or phone hacking is a risk to any size business with an estimated 85% of businesses vulnerable. An attack could cost you thousands and potentially bankruptcy, so it’s always recommended to have a safeguard in place, such as Southern Communications VoiceSafe service.

Company Co-ordination & Efficiency

The SV9100 has a vast amount of features for increasing efficiency and productivity as well as being able to coordinate your workload regardless of location either in the office or at home.

Here are some core features to consider:

  • Treat your smartphone like your deskphone with a mobile extension
  • Remain contactable through one extension number wherever you are
  • Use system features on the move
  • Call recording capabilities on your mobile phone
  • Use the NEC smartphone application and connect via WiFi or 3G or 4G

Smart Collaboration And Real Time Communication

The SV9100 InUC utilises WebRTC provides highly cost effective video and collaboration working seamlessly within your IT environment. Quickly set up audio and visual connections between two or more PC’s from anywhere using internet and a VPN or LAN connection.

Users can:

  • Quickly set up audio or visual connections between two or more computers
  • Set up audio or video conferences
  • Work collectively with screen share or sharing documents
  • Present live software demonstrations and slideshows

Being able to collaborate is about sharing and developing ideas together and the SV9100 provides a great hub for being more productive as a collective.

There are a wealth of other functions in the SV9100 that include:

  • Email integration
  • SIP disaster recovery technology
  • Hot desking
  • Remote management
  • Door phones
  • Key call performance summary reports
  • Caller I.D
  • Soft phone
  • IP DECT handsets
  • Mobile extension
  • HD audio
  • Roaming
  • Enterprise dialling

Who Are The NEC?

The NEC were originally known as the Nippon Electric Company. Established in 1899 The NEC are at the forefront of telecommunications technology and now employs more than 100,000 people worldwide.

The NEC, known for its innovation, excellent customer service and post-sales management have achieved the accolade of the world’s top selling phone system manufacturer. By constant innovation and research they are at the forefront of business telephone solutions and offer comprehensive services. They are committed to the highest industry levels of customer support and the development of the most advanced communications applications.

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