Our SMT event is a microcosm of our organisation. As the Group continues to grow, it has expanded to two events a year, with the November event growing into a two-day learning and networking extravaganza. SCG’s rapid rate of evolution has created the need for more collaboration across the business than ever, and this was hugely present at our latest SMT instalment.

Our May SMT focused on empowerment, highlighting its importance in the process of further improving both customer and employee experience. For this latest event, the theme of Targeting Empowerment took us to the next stage. This was achieved by listening to our people at the May SMT, and then targeting each of the key areas they highlighted for change that would have the greatest impact. In the November SMT, we also focused on harnessing the capabilities of the Group so that we can become empowered together. We heard reports on multiple projects, all fostering cooperation to bring us closer as an organisation to achieving high level outcomes.

This is one of SCG’s core strengths. As we acquire business units, their own key strengths and identities are maintained, whilst they gain the support and resources of a larger business. Meanwhile, this new injection of acumen is shared widely across the Group.

Perhaps our biggest Group project focuses on customer experience. Following an engaging session in our previous SMT, we knew that we wanted to increase our efforts, even with our existing 4.9 Trustpilot rating. This led to a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders in five business units evaluating all elements of the customer journey, resulting in an enhanced Customer Experience Maturity Model. This ongoing project has already led to improvements in customer communication, and even higher volumes of Trustpilot reviews.

The evolution of our CRM system is a similarly transformative project. By again utilising multiple stakeholders across the Group, this is enabling us to refine processes in all departments, from our customer experience account management teams through to provisioning, support and accounts. All of this translates into further tangible improvements for our customers.

Through the guidance of our seven stream leaders, SCG’s CSR and ESG programme, Ours, also continues to develop. Impacting the whole organisation, the programme supports our simple three step commitment to our People, Environment and Reach throughout our supply chain. Some of the most recent initiatives include creating a new centralised induction process, and empowerment training such as the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which is rolling out to all business units.

With the SMT acting as a cultural touchpoint for the wider organisation, highlighting the results of these Group-wide projects at the event demonstrates the value of this approach to the whole business. It illustrates that this collaboration produces high level outcomes which drive us further into elevated customer experience; the first successes of many for Targeting Empowerment.