Maintaining customer loyalty is crucial to the growth of any business. It provides a reliable source of revenue and upselling opportunities.

Studies show that the power of brand loyalty is increasing, with 62% of previous customers more likely to purchase from their existing providers again, potentially at a higher cost (Cheetah Digital). By listening to your customers, understanding their needs and promptly addressing any issues they have, you build trust from the beginning and continue to nurture the relationship. The loyalty this creates enables you to reap benefits such as referrals, case studies, and testimonials that further enhance your brand.

We offer these three ways to ensure you can Be More Connected with your customers.

1:  Be More Available:

Offering round-the-clock support options in the event of any issues is a unique selling point. If this is not possible, then providing alternative means of contact and submitting enquiries outside regular business hours is still valuable.

With Evonex, the Hosted Telephone System fully owned by SCG, you have access to a variety of features that can keep your phone line open 24/7. Our user-friendly online customer portal and mobile app enable you to effortlessly redirect your main line calls to your mobile phone with a single click, even if you’re already out for the day.

Do you have employees working on different shifts or in multiple locations? With the Time of Day routing feature, you can easily set up automatic call forwarding to various handset extensions and mobile devices. This ensures that your staff can receive calls at any time and from any location, without any hassle. 

Our handsets are set up with Cloud-based technology, ensuring that your DDI is accessible wherever you go. With an internet connection, you can use your phone as if you were in the office, at the expected call rates. This has proven to be particularly helpful for customers with out-of-hour teams situated in different time zones, allowing them to reduce call costs while still providing customer support even when their UK office is closed.

2:  Be More Reliable:

In addition to increasing your level of availability, it is important to have a dependable communication solution that guarantees you will be accessible as promised. This is critical in establishing trust with your customers.

The term “uptime” is used to evaluate a provider’s service’s reliability, performance, availability, and quality. Essentially, it measures the duration of time that the provider’s service is functional and accessible to users. Conversely, “downtime” refers to the period in which the service is offline or not operational.

Almost everything within your organisation now depends on a strong, reliable internet connection and businesses often choose Ethernet connectivity to ensure consistent speeds and support critical applications. Ethernet eliminates the connection quality fluctuations caused by multiple users sharing the same volume of bandwidth, which is a common issue faced by broadband users. At SCG, we provide a wide range of connectivity services to meet your specific needs. By partnering with various internet service providers, we offer dependable failover services backed by a comprehensive SLA, ensuring uninterrupted business operations at all times.

3:  Be More Visible:

Aside from being easily reachable via your phone lines, it’s important to consider those customers who prefer to gather information electronically. This means your online presence is a key factor when connecting with your digital audience and keeping them up to date with your latest news, products and opening times.

Your web-based platforms play a vital role in informing customers about your shop front opening times and helpline hours. It can be frustrating for them to come across a closure notice or a “call back later” message. Displaying your opening hours clearly, especially on Bank Holidays, can make all the difference in retaining a customer’s business or losing it to a competitor.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), managing your presence on over 70 different platforms can be a time-consuming task.

Web Listings is an intuitive solution that syncs automatically across 50+ digital channels. It provides businesses with a toolkit to showcase and update their online information, making it easy to update your business listings across all platforms with just one click.

A powerful tool in helping you connect with new customers; Web Listings will get your business noticed. It offers valuable insights and analytics on how your business listings are performing, giving you suggested feedback while enabling you to monitor the impact of any changes you make. With real-time results, you can see exactly how your customers are finding you, from the number of clicks on your website link and phone number, to the frequency of your location appearing on search engines.  Connecting with new and existing customers is so much easier with Web Listings.

We make it simple and efficient to monitor and improve online visibility and increase availability with reliable and trustworthy solutions. Now you can Be More Connected with your customers, in a way you may never have been before.

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