Today’s fast-paced workload as an estate agent can be hard to keep up without the help of effective communication tools which is why many estate agents are replacing traditional ISDN services with VoIP solutions.

Communication is key in the business world and for estate agencies dealing with sales and lettings agreements and building relationships with customers, bringing the team together is essential. Field-based staff may struggle to maintain communication with customers meaning calls may be missed, meaning missed business.

Estate agents are constantly under pressure, attending house viewings, replying to emails, dealing with contractors and so much more. As an estate agent you may find yourself at the end of each day wishing there were more hours to help fulfil what feels like a never ending list of tasks.

How can a VoIP solution help?

A VoIP hosted telephone solution can improve efficiency.  Cloud based communication tools work across multiple offices and mobile applications, linking staff together through a central platform to give a single experience across branches and on the road.  Staff area able to transfer calls, put callers on hold, direct callers to the correct department and use their mobile phone as an extension when they are out of the office.

With a VoIP solution from Southern Communications you get to keep all the telephone features you currently enjoy, such as auto-attendant to implement automated call-routing assisting calls to speak with the correct department e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for lettings and queueing with the ability to add your own messages to help maximise sales.

Save money with every call

Call costs become a think of the past, with calls included in the cost of the system, making it easy to manage your budget.  Priced on a per seat per month there is no capital outlay when you choose a hosted solution from Southern Communications, you simply pay a subscription per user per month. There are no additional maintenance costs, as maintenance and faulty hardware replacement is included.

At Southern Communications we offer fast and reliable broadband for connectivity and an intuitive, feature rich, telephony platform to keep your business connected.