Do you want to utilise the Cloud and the latest telephony solutions to increase efficiency and provide flexibility for your business to thrive, no matter where you or your staff are located? If so, you need to rely on these technologies to keep you both connected and secure.

Now we are approaching the holiday season there is an estimated 30% rise in attempted ransomware attacks, and a similar spike in telecoms fraud. An unguarded phone system, often caused by reduced staff levels and office closures, makes these activities more likely to succeed and leaves your business liable for any costs that can occur. Regrettably, when left unmonitored, these attacks can result in thousands of pounds of fraudulent call charges.

SCG’s Cloud guarantee means delivering technology twinned with peace of mind to ensure you get the most out of your Cloud and telephony solutions.

Feel more secure with a trusted expert

Whatever your business needs, SCG has the experience and know-how to help make your organisation more efficient and optimised so that you can achieve greater heights with your connectivity and communication.

We have specialised in bringing people and technology together for over 50 years, transforming businesses with our core products, Cloud technology, mobile connectivity, and broadband solutions to help create value in your business domain.

We ensure that your Cloud services and data are secure, backed up, and managed by a highly experienced team of professionals, who specialise in the operation of mission-critical data centre environments.

Join us on the journey to the Cloud, where we have continually evolved better applications to improve business connectivity with leading technology that enables organisations to develop at pace with changing market demands. In a world that is progressively seeking better technology, moving your business to the Cloud will secure you with all its connectivity requirements. We ensure that we deliver strong solutions which will assist your workplace, its growth and communication demands. From January 2022 you might have seen our Cloud outline which represents our commitment that where you see it, you can be assured that the service level you will receive will be second to none. And our commitment doesn’t stop there – we are always developing new ways in which we can assist you and your business. Our aim is to make you feel secure in your decision to partner with SCG.

Rest assured you are covered with our Service Assured Range

At SCG we make it our mission to understand what your business needs and we ensure to keep your solutions up and running even when an unforeseeable fault occurs. No matter what system you have in place we have an assured service to keep you secure. Some of these services are our Broadband Protect, Service Protect, Line Safe, Voice Safe and so many more.

If fraud occurs and you’re not prepared, it can impact you far worse than expected. The Service Assured solutions are designed to guarantee that you never feel the pain of unplanned errors and help protect you against attacks. Keep your mind at ease and your business secure; discover what Assured Services we can offer you.

We aim to make you feel secure when putting your business trust in us. To find out more and start your journey to the Cloud, talk to us to see how we can utilise the latest technology in your business. Call us on 01256 391 046 or email