Managed IT Services – the perfect gift for cybersecurity

Whether you are a small company without any IT resources, or a larger business that just needs some additional support, a Managed IT Services solution is the perfect answer: an outsourced, fully managed IT department with the ability to scale with your requirements. This form of IT support offers many benefits, including an increased level […]

Are You On A Secure Footing?

Both the risk and the potential damage of cybersecurity threats to UK construction have never been greater, which demands an urgent response. With many major operators falling foul of cyber-attacks in recent months, this is now a priority across all sectors. This is a challenging prospect for virtually all businesses. The necessity to devise, build […]

BDC Construction

Rapid Deployment Connectivity with Bandwidth Controls

Getting connectivity delivered quickly to any construction project remains a nightmare for many operators. However, simply providing connectivity is no longer enough.