Positive Change in Communication: The History of Hello

Although all of us have our own unique way of answering the phone, it goes without saying that ‘hello’ is a universal option. However, it wasn’t the first choice. As communication rapidly progressed from the birth of the telephone, amongst those advances is an oft-forgotten precursor to ‘hello’. This lost phrase provides insight into how […]

Be More Secure with the 2G and 3G network Switch Off

Mobile technology is far from new, and people have been adopting this mode of communication for personal and business use for many years. The main benefit is the flexibility to work and communicate remotely at any time. Mobile technology has faced increased demand for faster connectivity, clearer voice, and even video with ever-growing video conferencing […]

Evonex: Be More Secure with Robust Cloud Telephony

Communication is the backbone of your business, and your telephony system is a critical part of that infrastructure. In addition to fulfilling your current requirements, you need to know that it’s robust enough to provide both continuous operation and the bandwidth to adapt as your organisation evolves. While developing Evonex, our Cloud telephony solution, we […]

National stop sell – the end of ISDN nears

The national stop sell on 5th September 2023 is less than seven months away, meaning that now is the time to act to ensure you are not handcuffed to the wrong service provider; the standard like for like migration services on these exchanges will end. Stop sell is the status given to an exchange once […]

BDC Publisher adopts SCG Connectivity Solutions

Over the last year we’ve been informing you of the latest issues impacting connectivity in construction, including rapid deployment, cybersecurity and estate management, enabling you to increase productivity and efficiency. We’re now delighted to announce that The Publishing Hub, publishers of Building, Design and Construction Magazine, has become an SCG customer. Through our contact with […]

School Content Filtering: Be More Secure on the learning frontier

Schools are responsible for the wellbeing of their pupils. Although this has always been the case, the threats to student wellbeing have become increasingly complex and are no longer solely centred around physical health and security. As the internet has grown to become an integral part of education, this responsibility has expanded to encompass online […]

Managing your estate shouldn’t be taxing

For many construction companies, setting up internet connectivity or an effective network at a new site is a common challenge. It’s often compounded by numerous factors, such as: Project size The anticipated number of network users The criticality and wide range of business applications Heightened time pressures The necessity of securing assets Running in parallel […]

Get Ready for 2023…with a little help from SCG!

Twinkling lights are everywhere, carols and Christmas classics are playing wherever you turn and we find ourselves filled with that special warmth and joy that you only really feel in December.  The festive season is referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, and for good reason, it’s the time we gather together, […]

Are You On A Secure Footing?

Both the risk and the potential damage of cybersecurity threats to UK construction have never been greater, which demands an urgent response. With many major operators falling foul of cyber-attacks in recent months, this is now a priority across all sectors. This is a challenging prospect for virtually all businesses. The necessity to devise, build […]