Get Ready for 2023…with a little help from SCG!

Twinkling lights are everywhere, carols and Christmas classics are playing wherever you turn and we find ourselves filled with that special warmth and joy that you only really feel in December.  The festive season is referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, and for good reason, it’s the time we gather together, […]

Are You On A Secure Footing?

Both the risk and the potential damage of cybersecurity threats to UK construction have never been greater, which demands an urgent response. With many major operators falling foul of cyber-attacks in recent months, this is now a priority across all sectors. This is a challenging prospect for virtually all businesses. The necessity to devise, build […]

Keep peace of mind with a secured Cloud solutions provider

Do you want to utilise the Cloud and the latest telephony solutions to increase efficiency and provide flexibility for your business to thrive, no matter where you or your staff are located? If so, you need to rely on these technologies to keep you both connected and secure. Now we are approaching the holiday season […]

Presenteeism: The Unseen Threat to Productivity

The awareness of absenteeism in the workplace is growing, especially after the pandemic shone more of a spotlight on physical and mental health. However, is there a bigger threat to productivity and the employee experience, which still largely goes unseen beneath the surface? The greater of two evils Presenteeism occurs when staff are physically present […]

BDC Construction

Rapid Deployment Connectivity with Bandwidth Controls

Getting connectivity delivered quickly to any construction project remains a nightmare for many operators. However, simply providing connectivity is no longer enough.

The Big Switch Off. Is your business ready for it yet?

For those who aren’t aware of the Big Switch Off yet, what exactly is it and what point have we reached so far?

Rapid Deployment with Peace of Mind

Due to the nature of a new construction site, the challenge of getting connectivity live super-fast is often a serious challenge. We can help you to achieve this in record time with our rapid-deployment solutions that bring you fast and secure connectivity to any new project.

Have you planned for the Big Switch Off?

In 2018, Openreach (BT) announced a huge technological change that will affect almost everything that plugs into a traditional telephone socket.

Be More Connected With the iPhone 14

Is your mobile contract nearing its end? Or are you a tech enthusiast? Either way, it is an exciting time of year as Apple announces the launch of the latest series of iPhones! 2022 is the year of the iPhone 14 series, and is always a talking point in the year for mobile phone lovers! […]